By Drain Doctor Guildford & Basingstoke on 22/04/2018

Taking over as a tenant in a new property can be a very stressful time whether it’s your first experience or you’re moving on to new things.   You will know about the check-in and check-out reports, inventories and schedules of condition but this all concentrates on the things you can see.  Have you ever thought about the drains and blockages that can occur? 

If a blockage occurs the landlord position would probably be “The tenant must have put something down the drain, I’m not paying to get it cleared” whilst you as a tenant would believe that “I haven’t done anything wrong, there must have been a problem before I started renting the property”.  This could lead to an unpleasant impasse. 

Now there is a way to resolve the problem before it happens with the Drain Doctor’s® Pre-Tenancy Drain Clean and Inspection.  Prior to you moving into a property, Drain Doctor can attend and clean all of the accessible drains by high pressure water jetting ensuring there is no scale or detritus in the pipework. The drains will be inspected with a CCTV drain camera and a recording (date and time stamped) will be provided. It will assure you that there are no structural faults (roots, cracks, displaced joints etc.) within the pipework so blockages are less likely to occur.


If you want to have a chat about this service why not give us a call, we can even discuss it with your landlord or letting agents on your behalf.

Our number is 0333 323 4580 or email

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