By Anna on 07/01/2019

As the New Year sets in we often review our spending and look for ways to save money.  So here at Drain Doctor we thought we’d share an easy but often forgotten solution: the management of urinal flushing.

Water Regulations (1) states that a cistern for a single urinal should use a maximum of 10 litres of water per hour, over a 24 hour period that’s 240 litres a day.  Whilst volumes for multiple urinal systems is reduced to 7.5 litres per urinal if you have say 3 units this more than doubles water to 540 litres.

Of course this is the standard, but many urinal systems do not meet these requirements.  During a recent visit to a customer who was using petcock valves to control water flow.  Despite using the slowest trickle the urinals were refilling and flushing approximately every 15 minutes.  At first glance this may sound ok, but we calculated that they were using 1,080 litres of water a day. Double the regulation.


Flushes Per Hour

No of Urinals

No of Flushes in 24 hour period

Litres per flush






1080 litres


This is confirmed by Anglian Water (2) who state that automatic flushing of urinals, when they are not being used can cause a significant amount of water to be wasted.  The installation of an passive infrared (PIR) control system can pay for itself within months by significantly reducing the volume of water used.  Indeed manufacturers state water saving of up to 75%.

A PIR system controls usage by automatically turning on the water supply to fill the cisterns when it sensors somebody is near the urinals, the rest of the time the water is turned off.  With a hygienic flush once every 12 hours if the system doesn’t sense any activity, it will automatically open the valve for 30 minutes to allow one flush of the cistern to rinse the urinals and pipe work. This reduces odours and the risk of blockages in wastes.  

Installation typically only takes 2-3 hours which means that in a very short space of time you could be saving.  If you like to discuss how Drain Doctor could help you save money then call us (free of charge) on 0333 323 4580 or email [email protected]



(2) A quick guide on how to carry out urinal flow reduction from anglianwater

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