By Anna on 11/02/2019

The management of fats, oils and grease (aka FOGs) is a major responsibility for all organisation that prepare food whether it’s a single cafe, a take away, a catering firm or a major restaurant chain.  Eating habits in the UK has changed dramatically over the last decade, with many more choices on the high street reflecting the increase in eating out.  It is reported that 75% of the sewerage blockages in the UK are caused by FOGs and the number of blockages is on the increase.

 Clearing these blockages is often an unanticipated expense which, coupled with the potential loss of income whilst it is resolved, can be detrimental to business.  Add to this  conformity to the 6 different legal requirements related to disposal of FOGs and the process can seem overwhelming.

 However this is help out there.  First of all Water UK has published a guide to advise catering establishments on best practice for disposal of food waste and the need to keep FOGs out of drains and sewers.  The guide also outlines your legal requirements.  (See the reference at the end of the bottom of this article).

Even with careful control you may still require a grease management system, and Drain Doctor can help. We offer high quality, cost effective grease management solutions which provide efficient protection.  Drain Doctor can supply, install and maintain all types of grease traps tailored to your needs.  The systems are strong and durable with high separation efficiency.  Performance can be further enhanced with the use of enzymes which ‘digest’ the grease slowing down the build up of grease in the traps by up to 70% so they require less maintenance.

We do not charge call out and all our work is price fixed, so you know the cost up front.  We can also sort out maintenance visits to ensure your grease trap works without a problem.

See through the FOGS and contact Drain Doctor to book an assessment visit, don’t fall foul of the law. Sort out your grease trap needs today

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