By Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke on 23/04/2019

Drain clearances often begin with something obvious, like a shower or sink drain where the water won’t drain away.  However situations where drain cleaning maybe required are not always as obvious as they seem so it requires diagnosing rather than just than jumping straight in.  At Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke we always use a CCTV inspection before commencing work so we can  identify the real issue, and so determine the solution that will work best.  Let’s take a look at what goes into the drain cleaning process.


Even though we are regularly called out to reactive drain cleaning , there are also plenty of problems that require drain cleaning which aren’t discovered until a pipe inspection using CCTV.  CCTV inspection will give a good idea of the state of your drains, and whether or not any specific repairs need to be conducted.  The CCTV helps to map out what is below the ground by travelling along the line of the pipe and transmitting detailed images back to the technician controlling it.  Once the problem is identified as needing clearance, perhaps due to waste buildup or lime scale, the actual process of drain cleaning can begin.  However, the images can also help identify other issues such as root ingress, or collapsed pipework.  Again, Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke can offer cost effective solutions to these issues.

There are two principle methods of drain clearance:  Electro-mechnical Device (EMD) or High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ)

Electro-mechnical Device - EMD

EMD is often used when the blockage is not on a main drain eg under a kitchen sink. The ‘snake’ is inserted into the pipe until it reaches the problem area where it will break up the blockage. This is a great way to get rid of many different kinds of clogs such as the build up of fats or hair.  All Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke vans are equipped with this equipment.

High Pressure Water Jetting - HPWJ

As well as EMD devices all Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke vehicles also have HPWJ devices on board.  These powerful machines generate a high-pressure stream of water through which, using an omnidirectional sprayer head, can reach all areas of the pipe. The pressure is high enough to clear pretty much anything out of the pipes, leaving them clear to resume operation. HPWJ can also be used for preventive drain maintenance, as it will prevent new blockages from forming if just on a regular basis.  Drain Doctor can offer packages specific to each customers requirements.


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