By Mrs. W. - Aldershot on 05/12/2016

“The technician from Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke was really helpful. He worked quickly to diagnose our blocked drain problem. I would definitely recommend them.”

Mrs W. – Aldershot

The Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke office was recently contacted by Mrs W., a resident in the Aldershot area. She had noticed that the drains at her property had been running slowly for some time and that recently they had begun to smell.

An appointment was booked to unblock the drains for the next day.

Arriving at the property our technician jetted the drain system with a high-pressure water jet through three chambers to clear any blockages caused by a build-up of fats, oil and grease (FOG) and other food debris.

Despite this thorough clean, the drains were still running slowly. CCTV cameras were used to survey the condition of the pipes themselves. Images revealed that two sections of the pitch fibre pipe had become deformed.

The extent of the damage meant that some of the pipe could be re-rounded and relined however another section would need excavating and replacing.

The Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke technician recorded details of the problem so that a quote could be prepared for the customer and then left the property so Mrs W could consider the proposal without pressure.

The team at Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke Plumbing and Drainage is committed to providing a comprehensive and friendly service that keeps customers informed at every stage. Costs are always made clear before work commences and treatment options are explained where applicable.

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