By on 14/10/2017

Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke are gaining a reputation for being able to unblock drains that have been causing business premises problems for a long time.  Blockages that other companies leave behind.


We are now being asked about a couple of services we provide that you may not be aware of ie Management Systems for Water & FOGs


More about FOGs later, but let’s start with Water.  It is hard to imagine that daily more than 17 billion litres of water goes in to the UK mains water supply (1)  that’s 6,800 Olympic sized swimming pools each and every day.


We’ve all noticed that dripping tap in the shopping centres, theatres and restaurants we visit.  It might even be in your own offices.  That single dripping tap can waste 60 litres of water a week, imagine the cost of that to your business.  Of course, Drain Doctor can repair this straight away and then cover future repairs as part of a Preventative Maintenance service if that’s what’s required.  However, a much bigger problem, that often goes unnoticed, is over-flushing urinals.   Uncontrolled urinals can flush every 3 minutes resulting in up to 2,000 cubic metres of water being used per year.  This can can cost up to £10,000.   As well as being costly, this is in breach of the Water Regulations (2)


The second problem is the build up of uric scale which is extremely hard to remove and can combine with limescale to form an ideal breeding ground for ‘bad’ bacteria resulting in bad smells (ammonia) and blockages.

Leading in turn to increased costs in maintenance, hygiene problems and potential complaints from customers and staff.


So how can Drain Doctor help?

By installing the Biogent Automated Dosing System.  This automatic dosing system is installed to the flushing cistern.  It uses a WRc approved enyzme product (so no harsh chemicals) and contains a ‘good’ bacteria that like nothing better that digesting the bad, as well as clearing the scale. 

Pipes are kept clear and the reduction in water flushing can cut your bills by up to 90%. 


We provide the full system, supply, installation and servicing, just ‘leave it to us’.


If you would like to talk to us about how you can save money, meet water regulations and offer a more pleasant to your customers & employees call us on 0333 323 4580.



(2)  The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999