By Drain Doctor Guildford & Basingstoke on 17/11/2017

Last month, one of our articles focused on how to save money by preventing over-flushing urinals.  In that we also promised you more on FOGs.  This acronym has over 150 explanations (1) covering a vast range of subjects from Field Operations Guide, through various games website to specialist Fiber-Optic Gyro.


However the FOG we want to explore is Fats, Oils, Greases. This is a major problem for restaurants, pubs, fast food outlets; in fact anywhere that serves food.   As well as the problems you would expect like blocked drains, and the disruption this causes, you also have the cost of clearing them.  In addition FOGs provide an extremely attractive source of food for all sorts of vermin.


Whilst water authorities have strict guidelines that should be followed with regards to this waste that is discharged through industrial washers, pre wash stations and some types of cookers; Sadly it doesn’t always happen either through ignorance, disreputable operators or poorly designed “fat traps”.


Drain Doctor offer 2 types of FOG Management systems.  The best one for installation is determined by a free site survey and consultation with local water authority stipulation.  We supply, install and maintain both of these systems keeping busy kitchens operating smoothly and within regulations.


So if you want to save money and hassle give us a call on 0333 323 4580