By Mr. A. - Woking on 16/11/2016

“We were very impressed with the drain repair treatment that was carried out by Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke.”

Mr. A. - Woking

Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke was pleased to return to the property of one of our customers to carry out remedial drain repair works following a CCTV drainage survey which had revealed damage to a section of the drain pipes. 

In order to repair the drain at the Woking property it was necessary to re-round the pitch fibre pipe before re-lining it.

Drain re-rounding involves the re-shaping of the pipe that has become damaged and deformed over time. Pitch fibre was introduced as an alternative to clay pipes in the 1970s. Use was widespread as it was a cheaper product and was quicker to install.

Some 40 years later many pitch fibre pipes are reaching the end of their lifespan. Blistering and de-lamination of the pipe is being widely found, which causes deformities in the pipe shape and can contribute to blockages.

Having re-rounded the pipes at Mr. A’s property, the Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke technician installed a cured-in-place point to point liner. Once this was in place the system was flushed through and checked again to ensure that the lining fitted correctly and that all the cracks had been covered.

The development of cured-in-place liners has meant that the costs associated with drain repair have fallen considerably in recent years. Customers are also happy that drains do not have to be excavated as the repair takes place internally.

Point to point repairs can be sometime be carried out within an hour, meaning that there is minimal disruption to the normal use of the drain system.

At Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke our technicians are highly trained and widely experienced in all drain repair techniques and will always utilise the most appropriate method according to the circumstances of each drain repair job.

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