By Mr V. - Godalming on 13/12/2016

“The technician that carried out our drain repair did a really thorough job. The garden was left clean and tidy and the work was carried out with little disruption to our family.”

Mr V. – Godalming

The Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke office recently visited a Godalming property that had been suffering the effects of blocked drains, to carry out an extensive drain repair treatment.

Our technician had carried out a high-pressure water jet clean of the drain system but a CCTV survey showed that the pipes, which were of pitch fibre construction, had become deformed.

Pitch fibre pipes have a lifespan of approximately 40 years and then can begin to delaminate (where layers of pitch fibre peel away).

This causes the pipe to become weak and change shape, which in turn leads to pitting and the collection of debris within the water and building up, eventually blocking the pipe.

One section of the pipe was so severely damaged that it would require replacing, whilst another section could be re-rounded and relined.

The re-rounding and relining work was carried out first. The damaged pipe was re-shaped using a re-rounding machine and a new resin lining was installed that would cure in place.

The severely damaged pipe was excavated and replaced with new pitch fibre pipe.

All joints were carefully sealed and the entire drain run was thoroughly checked to ensure that it was working efficiently.

Once the Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke technician was satisfied that the drain had been properly repaired he made good the excavation site and left the property with a fully working drain and tidy garden.

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