By Drain Doctor Guildford and Basingstoke on 04/03/2019

After clearing a blocked drain Drain Doctor always undertake a CCTV look-see to ensure that the blockage is truly cleared and that there is no underlying damage in the drain.  If we discover that there is a problem we can offer a whole range of solutions tailored to the extent and seriousness of the damage.

These solutions are designed to offer the most cost effective and least disruptive drain repair possible.  All the technologies are approved by local Water Authorities and the Water Research Centre (WRc)

No-Dig Repairs

These are one of the most common drain repairs and as the name suggests, this repair does not require excavations.  Instead various lining techniques are utilised resulting in a speedy, reliable fix at a fraction of the cost of drain replacement.  The nature of the damage will determine which solution is suitable but all no-dig repairs involve installing a new sleeve inside the existing damaged drain.  The sleeve, or liner, which is impregnated with resin, is maneuvered into position and then inflated to form a water tight repair.  After the required time the inflating device is removed leaving a thin but strong layer inside the existing drain returning it to full functionality.   All our technicians are trained in these techniques.

The first type of no-dig drain repair is the Patch Liner.  This solution rapidly addresses individual defects within a drain or sewer at a cost-efficient rate.  This is most commonly used for domestic drain repairs.  Ambient Cured Lining is designed to address multiple defects along a full or partial run of sewers or drains.  This type of drain repair is predominantly used for domestic and small commercial or industrial applications.  Heat Cured Lining, whilst similar in application, is used for larger diameter pipes or longer runs of drains as the heat to cure the liner allows a longer time for installation.

If none of these options are suitable, in say the case of a new drain being required to replace a collasped drain we would recommend Excavation.  It maybe a traditional method of drain repair for both new drains as well as replacement care is required to excavate drains safely causing minimal inconvenience.  Our technicians are trained in this area including the use of a CAT.

In conclusion, no-dig linings result in a seamless continuous repair which provides both structural stability and a barrier to further damage such as tree root ingress, often to a better-than-new condition.

Whatever your requirement, Drain Doctor will assist you in finding the best resolution to your drain repair.