By Paul on 13/01/2018

Preventative Maintenance is used to maximise an assets' useful lifetime and minimise costs. It's purpose is to avoid unscheduled or un-planned breakdowns, where reactive maintenance is used.

Drain Doctor Guildford & Basingstoke can provide both but it is good to explore both the pros and cons so that you can make the best decision for your organisation.


  • Less risk factor- Because equipment is being regularly checked there is less risk of a break down or blockage without notice. Therefore creating a more pleasant working environment for employees and customers.
  • Follows a schedule- By following a schedule, you are able to keep to a budget while maintaining your equipment
  • Longer equipment life- When equipment is being checked and maintained, it will be kept in the best shape, therefore extending it's lifetime. A routine check-ups on drains, urinal systems, grease recovery units will assist with this.
  • Money saving - Over time, you will see that less money is being spent because you will not have to replace equipment as much, or deal with the cost and inconvenience of last minute break downs. While there still may be some unplanned maintenance needed, the likelihood will go down when equipment is be checked regularly.
  • Less disruption- With regular checks, you won’t be surprised when something goes wrong. It will be a quick fix because you will know what needs to be done. There will not be problems when it comes to closing down your property and disrupting your workers and customers if a large problem were to occur.



  •  More money upfront- Initially, when starting a preventative maintenance plan, it will cost you more to regularly maintain equipment than it would be if you waited for things to simply break down.
  •  Over maintenance- Because there is a regular plan, sometimes items may not need to be checked as often as planned. If this is the case, you can change your maintenance plan to checking the specific equipment or areas less often, while still maintaining a schedule.

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