By Drain Doctor on 26/05/2018

A clog in a grease trap can be worse than getting your best player sent off at the beginning a match. Messing with the formation that is your plumbing and drainage; drains start backing up, you can't flush the toilets and a foul odour oozes from the kitchen.

Now what if this happens in the middle of an awe-inspiring England match?... Game over! 

Regular cleaning is the only way to avoid this scenario and quite frankly the better option.

Drain Doctor is your best defence in an emergeny plumbing and drainage situation, we'll get it sorted.

Don't caught offside; by scheduling regular cleaning, you don't to have to worry about the nightmare scenario of everything going wrong and potentially having to close the premises. We can work on regular maintenance and keeping you business operating effectively with our Planned Preventative Maintenance.

Don't get caught offside, avoid relegation and let Drain Doctor assist you to victory this summer. Simply call us on 0333 323 4580


Why implement planned preventative maintenance?

  • Reduces risk:  equipment being cechked regularly has less risk of a breakdown meaning fewer unplanned problems will occur.
  • Longer equipment life;  as equipment is being checked regularly, it will be maintained in the best possible way and extend lifespan
  • Cost saving: Less money will be spent as you won't have to deal with the cost and inconvenience of last minute break down or call-outs.