By Paul on 10/06/2018

What is it?

All urine contains Uric acid, which is produced as part of the digestive process when breaking down substances called purines; some foods and drinks have high content levels of purines such as beer. When the urine reacts with toilets or urinals, this can form a solid compound know as Uric Scale.  When left unchecked this scale can cause costly blockages as well as producing the bi-product ammonia which is a very unpleasant smell.

It can also cause uncontrolled flushing of urinals every 3 minutes. This means up to 2000 cubic metres of water being used every year, costing up to £10k.  As well as the expense you could also be in breach of the ‘Water Regulations 1999’.


What can we do to help?

Follow our “Good, Better, Best” approach to get to the right solution for you;

Good: Ad-hoc clearance which will resolve the immediate problem

Better: Regular preventative maintenance visits to descale and treat with Uric Acid Descaler

Best: An automated Uric Acid Descaler dosing system

What can you do?

Talk to us about the preventative measures you can take, but if you haven’t taken any yet and you are noticing a foul smell or waste isn’t being effectively disposed of then we’re here to do the dirty work.

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